(North-eastern, Trinidad)

Best time for this hike: January - December


First to begin with...rating of this hike is (8) challenging.

The hike starts at Aripo Village where from the start, uphill trekking along road to the summit of Mount Poui. From here onwards, we enter into the forest and the trail hike begins. Mixture of uphill, flat and downhill terrain all along a narrow but clear trail. The majority part of this trek is downhill into valleys where at the other side, is uphill all the way. The terrain is 95% dry with a small ravine crossing where if you do not want your shoes getting wet, agility is the order of the day in crossing. There is however, one notable ravine that we must walk along and especially during the rainy season, if you really do not want your shoes getting wet, it is advised that you bring along water shoes. Once this path is crossed, dry land all the way until the view of the Hollis Reservoir comes tyo sight. At this point, we are just minutes away from our first and main water-step. From the first sight of the Reservoir, just 5 minutes of trekking is the majestic water-step with its water heading directly into the reservoir which ironically is the ideal swim pool. There is a beautiful small pool at the top of the water-step. More trekking further upstream, you will come across numerous smaller, but beautiful natural water-steps with great natural pools to simply relax and enjoy. Astounding views of the Reservoir at your fingertips.

WARNING: If you thought that hiking to Hollis Water-step was tough....no sir. It is the hike back that will pose the real callenge rest assured as the majority of the way back will be uphill trekking. Do not despair though for when the hike concludes, we will have cold pineapple, watermelon and coconut waters awaiting us.

Estimated hike time to the water-steps based on a moderate trekker: 3.5 hours

Estimated time back to Aripo from the water-steps based on a moderate trekker: 5 hours



Long trousers must be worn.

Long/short sleeve tops can be worn.

Hiking shoes/trainers, with good grips under the soles to be worn. No slippers or sandals please.

A Backpack must be used hereby keeping your (2) hands totally free.

Mosquito repellant can be bought along.

Change of clothing to be left in the vehicles.


Duration of the expedition:9-10 hours


 Pick up/meet up time Monday to Sunday: 6:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to Aripo Village - 1 hour 30 minutes



TTD $1,500. (USD $225.): 1- 10 persons



(1- 4 persons): TTD $450. (USD $75.)

(5- 10 persons): $900. (USD $150.)

Special rates available for groups of more than 10 persons