Emile Serrette (Certified Tour Operator)

I am Emile Serrette and welcome to my business of Nature Trekking. I am the visionary and the founder of the company Nature Trekking in Trinidad and Tobago Limited which was created in 2007. The motto: "Going beyond expectations" is the mantra of the business.

My extreme love for nature and nature-filled activities triggered me to abort my regular job, to fulfill my soul’s intention, my heart’s desire, my purpose in life which is my hobby : HIKING. Hiking gave me a rich and rewarding outlook on life.

Now, I am a Certified and Licensed Tour Operator who has also obtained credentials in First-aid and water safety. This bold shift in equilibrium permitted me to redefine the industry. I did this, by marrying both the remarkable knowledge of the flora and fauna, with historical tours of the various sights and places of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

I always work in harmony with nature, and although the forest of Trinidad remains very friendly as far as wildlife is concerned, I ensure that all safety measures are adhered to, on each expedition. Safety is of paramount importance to me.

Adventure is my ‘adrenaline rush’. It intrigues me. So I often scout the inlands, mountains and borders, in a quest to uncover and thereafter unveil or reveal to you the countless, little known rivers, pools, waterfalls, gorges, coastal beaches and vistas which exist in my country. These scouting ventures generate multitude products of nature, which I anxiously want to share with you.

So this is my invitation, to come and explore with me, as I certainly promise to take you "Beyond Your Expectations".