The summit


Meeting time: 7:00am

Meeting place: Eric Willaims Medical Science Complex

Rating of hike: (7) Difficult

Cost: $250.TTD per person


Deep in Lluengo Village in Maracas St. Joseph, we start our fitness hike immediately up a steep hill that is must be undertaken more so if the sun is out in full as this road can become very hot and the atmosphere becomes very humid, so adequate drinking water supply is a must. This uphill climb on asphalt road is constant for the next 45 minutes or maybe more pending on the consistency of your walk. The asphalt road eventually comes to an end and we will eventually meet a narrow trail that will eventually lead us into the forest, and it is here we will get that awaited reprieve from the heat. Again, steady uphill trekking is the order of the day as we continue our journey to the summit. At a point in the forest we will come up to the local known "Devil's Staircase" where the uphill grade is extremely steep, but thank goodness not a long trek to the top. At the top of Devil's Staircase, we have more uphill trekking, this time on gently graded terrain all the way until we almost reach to the summit where a bit of steepness for the last until at last, we reach to the summit (3,072 feet or 936 meters). At the summit, once the area is clear, astounding views of various parts of Trinidad are on offer. Here we will also take the opportunity in having something to eat and drink before our downhill trek.
From the summit, we head in the opposite direction and follow the trail along undulating terrain until we eventually start our constant downhill trekking along a narrow trail all along the way through virtual untouched terrain all the way. We eventually reach at a point where we reach to a wide bench road known as "El Cerro de Las Cuevas Bench Road" and the view of an "Old Cross" on the left of the trail is visible. From this bench road, we take another trail to the left and continue our journey downhill through more untouched forest all the way until we reach to a "T" junction where at this point, we veer right and continue following this trail until we hear the sounds of a waterfall in the distance.....welcome to "Angel Waterfall" with its small but delightful pool awaits those wanting to have a swim.

From the waterfall we head on out along undulating terrain once again until we start heading down another very steep hill all the way until we reach to a narrow stream which we must take to get us out.....pending on the amount of water in the stream, our shoes can get wet, so be prepared for that. At the end of the stream, mission accomplished.