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Dear friends, clients.....please sign my guestbook as you may or not know that through you, my business strives on your experience with me and with that, your comments will therefore be my testimony.

Website Aug. 16, 2017

Vina Jones

Well!!! I can learn many new things from your website.

Website Aug. 2, 2017

Just Dakhila

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thanks for the wonderful and informative site!

Website Jul. 30, 2017


Wish I was there to enjoy more of your hikes.

Jul. 26, 2017


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Amo questa parte, i migliori auguri, caro amico

Jul. 9, 2017

James White

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Website Jul. 3, 2017


Beautiful B & B, in fact nicest I have stayed in ever. Lovely owner.

Jun. 4, 2017

Billy Waugh

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Jun. 1, 2017



Website May. 22, 2017


So glad to learn some amazing knowledge here.

Website May. 16, 2017


I love traveling alike.

Mar. 22, 2017


Thank you Emile for a wonderful hike last Saturday. The group expressed the experience as truly magnificient and is impatiently awaiting another hike. You really are a very informative and experienced hike guide and we all had a very wonderful day and
loads of fun at Mermaid Pool. Thank you Emille...

Website Mar. 22, 2017


Thanks for all informative and I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to get some ideas here, nice site.

Feb. 24, 2017


If you are looking for hiking you must you must go with Emile, is one of best guide i never had. 2 days trip on Paria beach for one night tent was just amazing. Next time I will come back with him for sure for at least 2 nights in this magnifique rain
forest. Merci Emile pour cette superbe aventure. Eric

Feb. 24, 2017


great experience at Paria Bay. Emile thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge about your country. You made us fall in love with your beautiful islands and their people.

Website Aug. 26, 2016


Very good! I can learn many new things from your website.

Website Jul. 8, 2016


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Apr. 12, 2016

Dave Hemant Ramdial

You are doing T&T proud my brother,,,keep up the great work,,,be safe,,,GOD bless!

Feb. 20, 2016

Kevin Salcedo


Me gusto mucho el paseo, Trinidad & Tobago tiene una riqueza natural estupenda. Selvas, playa, mar, tortugas, palmeras.

Tengo una cantidad de recuerdos.

Saludos desde Caracas, Venezuela.

Gracias por todo.

Sep. 1, 2015

Marciano Francis

hey emile loving the site and you will be seeing me often on your tours and hikes

Mar. 12, 2015

Peter llanos

Hey Emile; love the site, great job, keep up the good work you're doing! Talk soon.

Jul. 18, 2014

Laura Le, Ontario, Canada

Hiking to Paria Waterfalls, Blanchisseuse Beach, Turtle Rock and Cathedral Arch were a blast because of Emile! He made the trip fun and safe!

Jul. 13, 2014

melissa kelly

Great Work!!! Hikes are the the best with Emile... Fun,Educational,Interesting,Safe...;) ;)

Jul. 12, 2014

Joy des Vignes

Great site, fabulous photos. Very enticing.

Wish I was there to enjoy more of your hikes.

Continued good luck with the business.

Jul. 12, 2014

Teluck Bhairosingh

Hey Emile, great to see the page up and running,it looks great so far and easy to understand. Keep good buddy,Safe Trails.

Jul. 11, 2014


Its really nice Emile, keep up the good work.