(North-eastern Trinidad)

 Best time for this hike: January - July


In the very quiet village of Matura, we start our trek along a dirt road (Thomas Trace) into the well pronounced "Pine Forest" until we eventually reach into the natural forest where at this time, the dirt road will now give way to just a very narrow and typical hiking trail where we now have to walk in single file. Undulating terrain all the way along this walk until we eventually start heading down a relatively steep and very slippery hill known locally as "Soap Hill". We eventually come to a small ravine where at this point, we take a short break before proceeding down this ravine. The walk from the start to this point should take between 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.

The stream walk along the ravine to the main Matura River will take between 30-45 minutes walk. When we eventually reach to the Matura River, the river exploration officially begins. We must take the plunge into a small gorge and swim to the other end and ahead of us are other deep pools that must be swum (life jackets provided upon request). There will eventually come a time when we are able to walk along the river banks and the middle of the shallow river course (your choice) all the way downstream with gorgeous deep, emerald green pools that offers great swimming.....again optional to you if you would like to have that more swimming or just relax at these points. One word of caution though is that whilst river trekking, one MUST always be careful of the constant slippery rocks on the river bed, so care must always be taken.

We eventually come to the popular "Mermaid Pools" that signals the end of our river exploration. The time it will take the average hiker to do the entire River Exploration will be maximum 3 hours. At Mermaid Pools, we take the trail through the Pines back out to the main dirt road where from there, the final short walk back to our parked vehicles. Time of this walk from Mermaid Pools, 25 minutes.


Life jackets will be provided upon request. Ropes and other safety devices will also be on hand.




Long trousers must be worn; no shorts please.

Long/short sleeve tops can be worn; no sleeveless.

Hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles to be worn. No slippers or sandals please.

A Backpack must be used hereby keeping your (2) hands totally free.

Mosquito repellant can be bought along.

Change of clothing to be left in the vehicles.


 Duration of the expedition:

8 hours

 Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 8:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to Matura - 1.5 hours



TTD $1,200. (USD $200.): 1- 10 persons



(1- 4 persons): TTD $450. (USD $75.)

(5- 10 persons): $900. (USD $150.)


Special rates available for groups of more than 10 persons