(Northern Range, Trinidad)

 Best time for this expedition: January - August


Let it first be warned that this hike is exclusively for the rugged and fit hiker.....not for the second thought hiker nor the partially fit hiker; for there is absolutely no room for a change of mind in the middle of this expedition whatsoever.

We first journey to the very remote village of Matelot where from here, our transport leaves us. Our journey starts on the Matelot beach where we first walk along the stony bay that will eventually lead us into the forest. The first quarter of the expedition is up a steady hill, though not steep, but steady until we fianlly reach to the summit. From the summit, we are talking about undulating terrain all the way for the next 3.5 to 4 hours of trekking, pending on your pace. The forest here is absolutely great as we are well engulfed in primary forest with the ocassional small gardens here and there. We eventually reach to our first destination "MADAMAS BEACH". Here is our first night camp out and why here is simply because this spot is wonderfully situated between the Caribbean Sea and the majestic Madamas River that is ideal for swimming, drinking water and even clean water for cooking.  

Distance from Matelot to Madamas Beach: 7:32 miles or 11.75 kilometers


On the second day, we break camp after breakfast and a bit of winding up for our continued journey along the coast heading westwards, we trek a bit along the Madamas Beach until we eventually head back into the forest and once again, undulating terrain all the way for the next 45 minutes to 1 hour until we arrive at another secluded beach and the longest beach of the North Coast called "GRANDE TACARIBE BAY". An absoluty fantastic beach in her own right as we trek along the beautiful beach as we watch natural rock formations in the sea until we eventually head back into the forest.

Distance from Madamas to Grande Tacaribe Bays: 1.41 miles or 2.26 kilometers


From Grande Tacaribe Bay, great forestry around us once again as we make our way along undulating terrain to another secluded beach that is surrounded by eco friendly wooden built cabanas where nature lovers can book in advance to spend their time. The name of this here place is known as "PETITE TACARIBE BAY". At this place, we can ideally fill our empty water containers with fresh spring water from a PVC pipe system before continuing our journey. This part of the journey will take us between 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Distance from Grande to Petite Tacaribe Bays: 1.48 miles or 2.37 kilometers

From Petite Tacaribe Bay, into the forest we go again and once again, all along undulating terrain where there are more uphills than normal, though not steep whatsoever. Beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea through the thick green foliage as we trek along and on the top of some of the hills we do, great sea breeze is afforded for that bit of a well deserved break whilst we replenish and freshen ourselves. We eventually reach to one of the most attractive beaches of the North Coast known as "MURPHY'S BAY". This beach is truly a secluded beach and one of the more popular, but little known "Leatherback Turtle" nesting sites along the North Coast. As we depart Murphy's Bay, we are just 5 minutes away from our second camp out site known as the ever popular "PARIA BAY". At this beach, there are numerous camp out spots to choose from, and like Madamas Bay, there is a river that offers great bathing. Pending on the time we set up camp at Paria Bay, we can take a short 20 minute walk to the waterfalls that is ideal for swimming and soaking your tired bodies.

Distance from Petite Tacaribe Bay to Paria Bay: 2.64 miles or 4.22 kilometers


As we break camp on the third day, after that bit of winding up for our last leg of our journey which ironically is the longest trek of the 3 day expedition, we depart Paria Bay along a trail that served historically as a major road for the villagers of Brasso Seco to get their cocoa produce from their village to the coast where the boat service would purchase their supplies on their way to Port of Spain. Today, this then major road is a perfect trail through true rain forest of the Northern Range where it will be only us and nature all along the way. We will be passing through a couple of streams where we can stop and replenish our water supply. After between 3 hours 45 minutes to 4 hours of trekking, we will at last reach the village of Brasso Seco where we will be greeted by our host "Kelly" from the village with a well deserved meal consisting of ground provision, "Dhalalloo", (combination of callalloo and dhal), fresh vegatables, smoked chicken or fish and fresh fruit juices to cap off our expedition. Our transport will also be awaiting our arrival.

Distance from Paria Bay to Brasso Seco: 8.25 miles or 13.20 kilometers


 Minimum time of 2 months should be made to secure this venture



TTD $3,000. (USD $500.): 1- 4 persons



(1- 4 persons): TTD $1,000. (USD $170.)


Cost includes vehicule transport to Matelot, foods, waters and juices for the duration of the expedition, full lunch at Brasso Seco Village upon completion of the expedition, transport from Brasso Seco Village.


Special rate applies for groups of 5 and above persons


Note: Cost does not include rental of tent/hammock.