Welcome to the little cocoa village of Brasso Seco where you will be given the opportunity in being a part of witnessing the entire process of Trinidad's finest cocoa pods being picked from the trees right up to the tasting the finished product of Brasso Seco's home made chocolate bars.

You start off the tour by heading to the cocoa house  where you will be greeted by one of the villagers who will show you the cocoa fields. You will be taking a walking tour of the estate while he speak about the stages of cocoa from pod stage right up to the picking of it.

After the walking tour, you then visit the cocoa house where you will head on to the top where the cocoa pods are laid out in the sun and you will be given the opportunity to actually "Dance the Cocoa". A ripe cocoa will also be opened for you to sample the rich taste of the sweet pods to your leisure.

Upon completion of he cocoa estate tour, you head on to the main village of Brasso Seco where the other site guide will first introduce you to the initial stage of the chocolate production verbally before taking you to the Community Center to see the stages of chocolate actually being made.

At the end of the tour, you will be given the opportunity in tasting the many varieties of chocolates before departing for the Visitors Center where you will be treated to a fine lunch prepared by the village folks. Taste their fine cuisine consisting: Boiled provisions, vegetable rice, smoked chicken/fish (your choice), dhalalloo, salad with freshly made fruit juice from whatever fruit that may be in season and enjoy the rich cocoa ice-cream for dessert.