Best time for this hike: January - December


This hike has been designed for the extremely fit hiker; one who just love punishment; one who just love to really push themselves to the limit. Once you fit this quality, then seriously consider partaking on this expedition.

The hike starts at the base of the well known "Morne Catherine Hill" where all along private road, we trek all the way to the summit on gently inclined road. Astounding views of the Gulf of Paria and parts of Chaguaramas can be seen as we near the summit. At the summit, we would've accomplished 5.14 miles (8.27 (kms).

Once on top, we immediately take the side trail to the left and start our downward trek, this time, all the way on natural dirt terrain and forest all around us until we eventually come to another well known trail known as the "Macqueripe Trail" that will lead us to the Car Park to the popular Macqueripe Beach. Distance covered here is 8.25 miles (13.27 kms).

Once there, we take a little known trail from the Car Park and trek uphill until we eventually reach to the "Tracking Station Road". We trek up a pleasant uphill to the a trail to the left that is the start of the "Tucker Valley Trail". We trek along really undulating terrain all the way until we eventually reach to a junction where we will have to divert. Distance covered to this junction is 12.25 miles (19.71 kms). Here is a perfect place to take a break and have something good to eat. We then take a trail that will lead us up a very steep hill until we are now officially at the little known "Four Palmiste Hill". We trek all the way along this ridge until we eventually reach to the historical "Huggins Ruins" where at this point, we are just away from the "Samaan Tree Park". We have now covered 15.69 miles (25.25 kms). We take another well deserved break here, replenish properly and eat the recommended healthy snack or fruits, for you will need it.

Departing the Samaan Tree Park, we walk along the Macqueripe Road into the road leading to the Chaguaramas Golf Club where at a point, we veer left and take very quiet road that will eventually lead us into the forest. From here, the asphalt road comes to an end and once again, we are on dirt trail and the terrain will lead us up a gentle hill. As we trek further onwards, what is noticeable is that the uphill trek becomes more and more steep until our energy and stamina and minds will be sapped. Steady steep uphill trekking for the next 30-40 minutes. At this point, pending on fitness condition, once again, I need to repeat.....your mind and body will be stretched to the very limit until at last, the steepness will taper off hereby signalling that we are almost at the summit of another part of Morne Catherine Hill, not far off from the summit. Once there, we would have covered 17.86 miles (28.74 kms). At this point,we head on downhill until finally, we reach back at the starting point hereby completing one heck of a hike. Final distance covered is 22.50 miles (36.23 kms).




Long trousers must be worn; no shorts please.

Long/short sleeve tops can be worn; no sleeveless.

Hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles to be worn. No slippers or sandals please.

A Backpack must be used hereby keeping your (2) hands totally free.

Mosquito repellant can be bought along.

Change of clothing to be left in the vehicles.

Bring along water and/or sports drinks. You will need it.....all of it.

Snacks, energy bars, sandwiches, fruits.....your preference.


 Duration of the expedition:

  10 hours

Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 7:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to Chaguaramas - 45 minutes



TTD $2,000. (USD $300.): 1-10 persons



(1- 4 persons): TTD $240. (USD $40.)

(5- 10 persons): TTD $500. (USD $85.)


Special rates available for groups of more than 10 persons