Double Waterfall Treat


(Northern Range, Trinidad)

Best time for this hike: January - December


This double hike is along the same trail and can be done on a (2) phased basis.

(1) We can take the longer walk that starts from "Madamas Junction" where we start an easy walk through cocoa estates for the next 4.50 miles.....with easy walking, this trip can take the average hiker about 1 hour and 50 minutes to accomplish. The trek is all along mostly flat terrain with the occasional hill here and there. At Double Rivers Waterfall, the pool here is swimmer friendly throughout where the entire pool is shallow. Departing this waterfall and heading to "Sobo Falls", we take the trail we took and along the way, we divert left from the main trail and head on uphill, once again through now abandoned cocoa estate all the way until we eventually reach to the waterfall which is unlike Double Rivers Falls where here is simply water cascading down flat rocks into a small pool that can accommodate 5 persons comfortably. Distance from Double Rivers to Sobo Falls is 1.25 miles and comfortable pace walking, this distance is covered in about 40 minutes.

(2) If we choose to take the shorter walk, we drive some ways along this very trail we take on the longer walk and park at Carl's place, and from there, we trek around 2.25 miles and under easy walking, this distance is done under 1 hour.

Once lunch is on order, notification must be made in advance so that proper arrangements can be made. The menu is the ever unique "smoked fish/chicken, ground provision, fresh salad and dhalloo", together with fresh fruit juice and waters and dessert. Lunch will be served after the hike.




Long/short trousers can be worn.

Long/short sleeve tops can be worn; no sleeveless.

Hiking shoes/trainers with good grips under the soles to be worn. No slippers or sandals please.

A Backpack must be used hereby keeping your (2) hands totally free.

Mosquito repellant can be bought along.

Change of clothing to be left in the vehicles.


 Duration of the expedition:

  8 hours (with lunch)

7 hours (without lunch)

Pick up time Monday to Sunday: 7:00am

Drive time from P.O.S. to Brasso Seco - 1.5 hours



TTD $1,000. (USD $170.): 1- 10 persons



(1- 4 persons): TTD $450. (USD $75.)

(5- 10 persons): TTD $900. (USD $150.)


LUNCH COST (Optional)

TTD $60. (USD $10.) per person


Special rates available for groups of more than 10 persons